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"Regent and Fairmount worked seamlessly in support of SwissQual. The combined US and European team demonstrated an excellent understanding of the dynamics of our industry which was invaluable in preparing us for the sale process. I must also commend the team's expertise, focus and commitment in managing the process through to completion, delivering a complex and high value deal with the optimum business partner."

Thomas Von Arx, CEO
SwissQual Holding AG

Team – Global Resources

Regent recognizes that its employees are its most important assets. To be certain that we can deliver the very best services to our clients, we take great care to ensure that we select the most appropriate and skilled people to handle all aspects of our business. All assignments are scrutinized to determine what resources from what company should be devoted to the client.

In Europe, Regent operates out of its UK headquarters and uses its team of highly experienced European nationals on relevant assignments.

In North America, we have a longstanding and highly successful alliance with Fairmount Partners, a like-minded investment banking firm dedicated to the industries we serve.

In Asia, we have achieved notable successes. We have been active with Indian companies since 1996 and are prepared for the anticipated increase in deal activity with China.

Our client base has included many of the world’s largest information technology, telecommunications, electronics, and digital media companies. We have managed many acquisition and divestment programs on a global scale. With most sale assignments we take the view that the buyer could come from anywhere in the world. We have completed transactions in over 25 countries.